We, Yana Tkachuk and Boris Borovkov are a married couple who have dedicated themselves to architecture and design. Our architectural studio is located in Odessa, Ukraine. Our work experience is more than fifteen years. We were created and implemented more than a hundred projects in the field of design and construction.

We work on objects of various purposes:

  • mansions & custom bilding
  • multi-storey residential buildings
  • public buildings and structures
  • industrial facilities

Author’s objects are embodied with the support of a team of specialists: architects, engineers, designers. We are attentive to the wishes of the customer, delving into the needs, but we never go on about unsuccessful ideas.
In our work, we use modern achievements in the field of engineering solutions, taking into account energy efficiency. We strive to design according to modern standards — this is an integrated approach that solves not only technological and functional problems, but also creates an individual character of the object.